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  • 97.14% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 1 of 9: Great location!
    Great location for being in the middle of fun things to do! Awesome walk along the Riverwalk. Great parks close by for dogs too.
  • 94.29% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 2 of 9: Overall review
    Very happy here. It's in a great location, the people here seem to be pretty cool overall, and the amenties are spot on. Nothing is perfect but we are very happy here.
  • 91.43% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 3 of 9: Love it Here
    Starting with the staff members, there are none better than this group. They are nice people, and each is good at his/her job. Location, location, location--you can walk everywhere. The whole building smells clean. Safety--I walk in the halls, the stairs, the garage, I have never been bothered by anybody and I do not expect to be bothered.
  • 100% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 4 of 9: 4 Legged furry friends
    We watched the PierHouse being built and have had many clients over the years. Great property for pets and lot's to do in channelside
  • 100% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 5 of 9: 1st Class Amenities
    ~ 1st Class living and management team ~
  • 88.57% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 6 of 9: Moving on, but with great memories
    We have been at Pierhouse for 15 months and have to say, the staff, the service, the apartment, and the location have been great. For Apartment living, the leasing staff and maintance staff are professional and quick to respond to our requests, the apartment itself has been pretty much toruble free. We did have a noisy neighbor for a pierod of time, bu they did respond to our comments and made an effort to keep the noise down. That's a part of apartment living . Being within walking distance from Channelside, the Arena and a trolley ride from Ybor gave us plenty to do while living downtown. Overall very good experience living in Pierhouse.
  • 97.14% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 7 of 9: PETenderLove 4-Legged furry friends
    We have enjoyed watching the PierHouse being built and growing over the past few years. This is a rare community where they own the entire city block to provide a host of PAWesome grounds for all our 4-legged furry friends and their owners too!
  • 100% Satisfaction Rate
    Pierhouse exceeds expectations with their never-ending amenities that provide not only a place to live, but a home you can retreat to!
  • 100% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 9 of 9: Outstanding Assistance
    we visited the property which we well presented in every aspect by the agent on duty , Mindy Yates---she was very knowledgeable, personable and thorough in her explanations--when my family asked me to come to the property the first thing they mentioned was the service and professionalism of the agent---everything she mentioned was backed up by the well cared for amenities and apartment features...