If you are a pet-parent (dog-mom, cat-dad, etc.) looking for an apartment community that goes the extra mile to make sure Max and/or Ms. Kitty feel right at home, look no further than Pierhouse at Channelside. At our community, pets are king! We want your four-legged fur-buddy to enjoy every minute that are outside of your apartment in our community.

Having a pet can bring a lot of positives to your life. Yes, the responsibility factor is definitely something to consider: Vet visits, grooming, exercise, training, costs of toys, treats, boarding if you go on a trip, etc. We are willing to argue that the positives of having a dog (or a cat) far outweigh the responsibility factor. Dogs, specifically, help you stay active because they require daily exercise and since you live in an apartment, this will require you to leave the house with them. Dogs and cats can both help calm down a stressful situation plus they can help you feel less lonely if you aren’t used to living alone! Dogs can even help force you to be social even when you’re an introvert because most people want to comment on how cute your bubbly little pup is.

There are many different breeds of cats; however, most house cats are going to be right around the same size and require the same type of treatment and care. There is a large variety of dog breeds which are identifiable by size, temperament, behavior, and physical attributes. Be sure to research what type of dog will fit well into apartment life and your specific lifestyle.

If you are looking for a roommate to keep you company, but don’t necessarily need help with monthly expenses, consider adopting a dog or cat from the Human Society. There are several hot spots for pups near our apartments in Tampa too like Woof Gang Bakery. You can find treats and toys plus doggie services from self-grooming to grooming and even doggy day care and a veterinary clinic. 

*At our apartments in Downtown Tampa, FL, you can have two indoor pets (cats or dogs) up to 75 pounds. Certain dog breeds are prohibited so be sure to check our pet policy to see if your precious pup meets the requirements for living at our community.*

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